We are a specialist Neuro Physio and FES Clinic in South West London

We specialise in arm and leg rehabilitation using wireless FES devices to enhance your hand or arm function, improve your walking, as well as strengthen and enhance your independence.

"Natalie knows everything there is to know about spinal injuries and is very easy to talk to if you need advice about all aspects of living with an SCI. Whether you have an injury, want to gain some strength or just want to lead a healthier lifestyle, Neurolink is the only place to go."
Nathalie McGloin, World’s First Wheelchair Racing Tetraplegic Driver
"I can’t recommend Natalie and the team at Neurolink for anyone dealing with a spinal cord injury. You'll only receive the highest standards of care and support."
Josh Senior, GB Para Climber
"Neurolink and the team have been my foundation as well as my bricks and cement at times. Whatever your aspirations are, Neurolink will provide you with the platform not only to excel but to achieve."
Romain Simon
"The healing environment coupled with expert skills and knowledge stands out for me as Neurolink Physiotherapy’s greatest assets. Never a treatment goes by that is not full of positivity, smiles and laughter."
Steven Dowd
"Neurolink Team physically prepared me for my busy life after my SCI and gave me the great advice to get the equipment I needed to enhance my mobility and independence. I am looking forward to continuing my great work with Neurolink Physio."
Esther Fang

What we do


We offer you specialised FES Neurophysio, Arm & Leg Rehab using wireless FES systems. FES Bioness and FES Bike rental and purchase services are also available.

Neuro Physio
Neuro Physio

We engage you in your rehab, we help you enhance your functional ability, movement and independence, while empowering you with new activities to try.

Neuro Massage
Neuro Massage

We specialise in Massage for Disability, and believe it is a fundamental part of your rehabilitation and on-going maintenance in order to enhance your mobility.

Personal Training
Personal Training

We offer you a personalised program providing you with an optimal neuro PT plan, to enhance your physical ability, prevent injury and improve your nutrition.

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