Our mission

At Neurolink Physiotherapy, our mission is to assist with the holistic rehabilitation and transformation for clients, providing motivational support to allow them to dream bigger for themselves. As well as to create impact in their lives that allows them to live more fully, allowing them to serve their community in their own unique way.

We focus on holistic rehabilitation which includes FES Neuro Physio, Neuro Physio, Personal Training, Massage Therapy, Posture awareness, Nutrition education, meal plans and nutritional support to enhance the physical transformation. Our rehabilitation programmes in London offer a client centred approach and work on realistic and achievable goals set by the client.

Our vision for our clients is…

To Empower

you to succeed at tasks you couldn’t do before or didn’t dream possible

To Enhance

the wider range of activities you can access and explore new possibilities you previously thought impossible

To Engage

you in your rehab, help you achieve your lifestyle goals and celebrate you success along the way

It is our deepest joy to see our clients thrive, play full out and share their gifts and talents with the world.


Neurolink physiotherapists are chartered (Health Professionals Council) and state registered (Chartered Society of Physiotherapy).

What our clients say…

  • "I have a spinal cord injury and have been paralysed for ten years. Natalie and her team at Neurolink have been a very positive and encouraging force in my life during many of these difficult years. In addition to our regular physio sessions, Natalie has assisted with wheelchair, cushion and backrest purchases. She has also ... " advised me on other key pieces of equipment that enable me to keep my body active - for example specialised gym equipment and a standing frame. She introduced me to the benefits of FES RT300 leg bike which is an excellent way of keeping my leg muscles exercised and in condition. I had the opportunity to try an exoskeleton at Neurolink and it was fascinating to stand and a walk a few steps with the technology.

    I have a regular massage which helps reduce muscle spasm, stiffness and pain.

    There is always a positive, welcoming buzz at Neurolink and you feel immediately that the people who work there are dedicated to improving the lives of their clients. Natalie is an expert in her field and she has made a significant change to my life - I honestly cannot imagine how things would have turned out had I not met her."
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    Nina Hartley
    Nina Hartley FES Cycling & Massage Client
  • "I suffered a broken neck in June 2016 losing all sensation and mobility. In just a matter of weeks since working with the team at Neurolink Physiotherapy, my improvement has been significant. The deep professional knowledge, creative use of equipment and engaging atmosphere at Neurolink Physiotherapy is a magic recipe!" ... "Read more

    Steven Dowd
    Steven Dowd Neuro Physio, FES, PT and Massage Client
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