The empowering story of Ellie Jones and how she is able to manage her migraines and posture with more ease on a daily basis

Before starting my Neuro Physio with Natalie I would be in constant pain in both my neck and back. This pain would then lead to migraines. Sometimes the neck and back pain was mild but often it would be so severe I’d have to stop what I was doing and lie down with a hot pack on it.

Ellie JonesSince working with Natalie a year and a half ago my back and neck pain has all but gone! I only have rare occurrences if I’ve been walking for miles with a bag on my back. Or if I’ve been neglecting to do the exercises Natalie has given me. Unfortunately, my migraines have continued but we are still working on other ways that hopefully will reduce their frequency and intensity.

It has been wonderful working with the Neurolink team. They all make you feel very welcome and are very kind and conscientious. It’s very comforting to know that they are experts their respective fields and are continuously learning and sharing their knowledge. The team see all different types of people with different Neurological conditions.

I felt unsure about going to Neurolink when I first started as I had been to other physios before with little to no help in my condition. I am so glad I went as not only has it helped ease my pain it has also helped my posture, fitness, flexibility and mood. My most memorable experience since starting to work with the Neurolink team was when I came home after an appointment and found that my usually uneven shoulder muscles to be the same height. My shoulders have always been unequal, but continuing my exercises and regular appointments has maintained their even levels which I am thrilled about!

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