The amazing story of Hazel Bessick and how an FES system enhanced her lifestyle and quality of life post MS

Hazel BessickI have Relapsing Remitting MS and have been attending Neurolink for physiotherapy/FES Neuro physiotherapy over the past three years.

Due to my condition I developed drop foot on my right side. As a result I had pretty much given up hope of ever walking normally again. However I was fortunate enough to have been recommended to Neurolink by my previous physiotherapist. All the professionals I had seen before Natalie, told me that due to my right thigh muscle weakness and the way I was walking, I wouldn’t be able to walk using any of the FES devices available to assist due to muscle weakness in my right thigh. However once I visited Neurolink and met Natalie all that changed. Her positivity and expertise showing me the Bioness FES device and what it could do for me totally changed my day to day life. Not only was she the only professional I’d come across who was able to help me with my drop foot, she showed me the alternatives and made me believe I could walk again using the L300 Plus system.

My day-to-day living before I worked with Neurolink Physio/L300 Plus system was difficult with frequent falls and constant knee pain. Trying to walk normally without the device made my MS fatigue worse and did nothing for my confidence. Working with the Neurolink team for regular massage and an exercise program from Natalie really helped improve my daily life.

Everyone is very positive and encouraging at Neurolink so you feel you can achieve your goals.I would have no hesitation recommending anyone in my position to purchase a FES L300 Plus device from Neurolink as Natalie is an expert in this field and from my experience the only professional I have used since my diagnosis who has improved my condition and given me hope that I can continue to improve with the L300 plus system / FES Neuro Physio.

I feel very fortunate to have found Natalie and the Neurolink team as without her; things may have been very different for me.

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