The inspiring of Louis James and his arm recovery post spinal cord injury and nerve transplant

I sustained a to my left arm In July 2015 following an accident. After having exploratory surgery, I had severed my C5 nerve and received a nerve graft to my C6 nerve. Whilst also having a nerve transfer to my oberlin nerve. At this stage I had no movement from my shoulder or bicep, with serve muscle wastage.

Before I started physiotherapy at Neurolink Physiotherapy, my day to day life was extremely hard. I suffered with a lot of pain and tiredness, let alone struggling just to do what you would call normal day to day chores/activities. I would sleep multiple hours during the day, through pain and tiredness. Washing, getting dressed, eating and general two armed activities were a real struggle as only really having one functional arm. I would have to use my right arm for everything including using it to move my left arm in to positions I wanted it to be in. Because of this my social life took a massive dip. I would normally have to have my arm in a sling when going out, at home I spent most of my day lying down as that was the only way the pain eased with my arm. I had to stop work as I have a manual job and was definitely not possible to continue in my state.

Since working with Neurolink Physiotherapy, my day to day life has changed dramatically. I’v got movement back in my arm and able to wash a lot easier. Eating has come on a long way from not being able to use a knife and fork to now eating a whole meal using them. My arm pain is less constant now due to the the work we have done and the strength we have been able to get back in my arm. I’m able to socialise more now and get parts of my social life back. Working with Neurolink Physiotherapy and having the knowledge they have given me has helped massively in managing my pain and fatigue levels and now I can go throughout some days with not needing my hours of sleep. I got back to work albeit just two days a week, but that is a huge step forward from where I was. I’m able to cook now with more ease and prepare my food. From having no movement in my arm from my left shoulder and elbow joint, I can now raise my left arm to some degree and bend it pretty much perfectly. Being able to reach in to a cupboard and grab a glass, or lifting my arm to a chopping board to prepare my food to even typing with two arms is such an amazing achievement and from it only being about a year working with Neurolink Physiotherapy. I can’t imagine what working with them for longer we will be able to get back.

Working with Neurolink Physiotherapy for the past year has been an amazing experience. Everyone there is so energised, happy and friendly. It puts a smile on your face as soon as you walk in the door. Its been so easy to talk to them, and even with struggles and difficulties whether its with the exercises and rehab to your daily life they really help you through these issues. The knowledge they have is seriously unreal, the amount I now know about my injury and my body in general from just being there has amazed me. I am so grateful that I fell into having Natalie at Neurolink Physiotherapy as my physiotherapist. I was previously having NHS physiotherapy but Neurolink Physiotherapy is at a whole other level. Everything is so personal to you and your injury, I couldn’t ask for a better Neuro physiotherapist

For anyone unsure about physiotherapy and if it is worth it, I can honestly say that it has changed everything for me and is 100% worth it. Even if its just once a week or once a month the benefits will certainly surprise you. I couldn’t imagine where I would be if i didn’t have the Neuro physiotherapy I have had with Neurolink Physiotherapy.

The best thing about working with Neurolink Physiotherapy, is the knowledge, and understanding they give you. It is truly eye opening. Always upbeat and constantly able to have a laugh, it’s just an amazing place.

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Meryl Dhir