The story of Meryl Dhir and how her L300 Plus system has impacted and enhanced her life after Multiple Sclerosis

I have had Multiple Sclerosis for 41 years but have managed to live a reasonably normal life and have worked as a doctor for 40 years.

Meryl Dhir

Fifteen years ago I started to develop foot drop which gradually got worse and made walking difficult and very tiring. Since my neurologist could offer no practical help I tried using a “Musmate”, a sling-like support for the leg, this was better than nothing but still very tiring.

Three years ago I started to use a Peroneus nerve stimulator which improved my gait but did nothing for the fatigue which always developed after I had walked for a longer period. My son found Neurolink Physiotherapy on the internet and I decided to try the L300 Plus system offered at this clinic.

Our first impression on coming to Neurolink was that of welcome, staff came up and said “Hello”, we were offered coffee then waited only a short time before meeting the physiotherapist. She was positive and took time to explain the L300 Plus system thoroughly and to answer our questions. We were most impressed with this generosity with time which allowed us to go through the system in an unstressed manner almost unheard of most healthcare establishments. I was satisfied that the vexed question of finance was not neglected, the L300 Plus system is reasonably expensive but the clinic has a scheme whereby one can rent the L300 Plus for several weeks, at a fee, before one decides to buy it. I chose to hire for two weeks which was enough time to get used to the system and to discover the advantages.

I have used the L300 Plus System for nine months and have noticed improvement in my walking, I walk upright nowadays! and can walk for 2-2,5 km without fatigue, this has resulted in my being able to go for walks alone which has given my confidence an enormous boost. It takes some time to learn to walk properly but the encouragement and expertise needed for success are to be found at Neurolink.

The L300 Plus System has made a huge difference to my daily life allowing me to walk more normally and to feel less tired. This is the first time in 41 years I have found a device which improves my quality of life as an MS sufferer, which is easy to use and which has been constructed with the user in mind (e.g: All the parts can be put on with one hand).

I can recommend the L300 Plus system if you suffer from foot drop and the Neurolink Physiotherapy Clinic if you need someone to help and encourage you while giving you good advice and sharing their expertise so that you can discover that there is a way forward also for you.

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