The story of Phil Hobson, a competitive body builder

Phil HobsonI have been having physio with the Neurolink Physio teem for several years now, following a spinal heamatoma (a bleed down my spinal cord ) following an operation on my spine in 2010.

Before the injury I was a competitive body builder and always very fit and active, so the resulting partial paralysis down my right hand side came as a great blow to me, especially being right handed. I get a lot of neuropathic pain from the injury, for which their is no cure, but I also suffer from many aces and pains from just being so lop sided and generally out off balance on a daily basis and for this Portia my physiotherapist has bean nothing short of amazing.

Seeing the team at Neurolink Physio has made a hugely positive difference to my life, especially as due to the nature of my injury no chiropractor or osteopath will see me. Unfortunately as with a lot of spinal cord injuries there is no real cure, but seeing Portia regularly means my condition does not deteriorate any further, and she relieves all those aces and pains that build up over the week.

Phil Hobson at body building competition for disabled bodybuilders

Natalie, Portia and the rest of the team are always very friendly and professional, but apart from their kindness the thing that stands out the most is the wonderful atmosphere their, I was their today and couldn’t help thinking how often I hear laughter and just what a wonderful sense of humour they have, enough to put anyone at ease. Unlike most of my appointments that I often dread, I always look forward my Neurolink visits and seeing Portia and Natalie, they are always such fun.

If anybody is thinking of using Neurolink, then I can’t recommend them highly enough, they have hugely improved my life and I am sure, with their wealth off knowledge and experience the could improve yours as well.

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