How Dan Winter went from not being able to walk without a full leg brace to achieving independent walking after 4 years of rehab

I sustained a brain injury in 2009 that affected my left arm and leg.  I could not use my left arm and hand prior to working with the Neurolink Team in 2014 as my fingers were not straight but curled up so I could not do things without help.  I started working with the Neurolink Team in February 2013 where I initially received Neurophysio, specialist massage therapy and the RT200 elliptical FES bike to strengthen the muscles in my left arm and leg.

From January 2014, my arm and leg were strong enough to progress from the FES Bike to weekly 1-2-1 personal training sessions. I started using my own L300 Plus Bioness leg system and started attending my local gym as well in 2014 with the program designed by my specialist personal trainer and Neuro Physio. I started using my own H200 hand system in July 2014. My H200 arm bioness has been great as it has helped me in being able to do so many more things than I was unable to do with my left arm and hand as my fingers were all curled up. I struggled to wash and get dressed by myself but now 3.5 years later, I can just get on and do it with no problems. My arm Bioness has got my fingers on my left hand to be straight.

Dan Winter

I love cooking without even thinking about it or needing help. I can now cut up food as I can use my left arm to hold the food and then cook the food and serve it up on my own, it’s brilliant. Even going shopping is easier as I can carry the basket and get things from the shelf. When I go to the gym I can do so many more things with my PT instructor, even doing shadow boxing and I love the battle rope exercise. Bring on the summer when I can do some gardening!

Dan Winter

My advice to anyone looking for Neurophysio, rehabilitation or purchasing their own Bioness leg and or hand system is: “Go for it, as it will help you in the long run!”  I can now use my left arm and hand.  They got me back into the gym and now I love that and can get fitter and keep improving.  It is worth the money.

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