The story of Daryl Wraight and his recovery post head injury

I acquired my brain injury after a motorcycle accident in 2005. I started working with Natalie in 2010 and have made huge improvements. Natalie has worked on a strengthening and stretching programme, which has improved both my strength and balance. Natalie has also worked on improving function in my right side through a range of exercises that I was able to incorporate into my daily routine including cooking, cleaning, and brushing my teeth.

In September 2011 I began using the RT200 FES bike to strengthen my right arm and leg. I noticed improvements within a few months, which included a greater range of movement, and additional strength.

Daryl Wraight

We are now training in Neuro Pilates and in weight training to improve muscle strength in my right arm as well as helping to regain my muscle definition.

I feel a lot stronger and I am now able to attend my local gym alongside my regular Physio sessions. Since using the FES bike I have noticed improvements in my gait and I am walking taller and with greater control which has helped to improve my balance, so much so I am now able to use the stairs on the bus!

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