The inspiring story of Esther Fang, outlining her journey and recovery post spinal cord injury

My story with Neurolink Physio started with FES. I was doing some research for FES RT600 (the walking one), and Neurolink Physio was the nearest place I can get to on the regular basis. Therefore, I rang up the clinic and tried to attend a FES open day. I came to Neurolink Physio on the same day I was discharged from hospital. I had a 3 and half hour assessment with the specialist Neuro Physio from head to toe which is an amazing experience. They have explained my body movements/condition in plain language which no one ever did after my injury. I was almost in tears.

Esther in ParisIn the end, FES RT300 leg bike is the right equipment for my level of injury. And I am happy with it. It gives me a good cardio exercises and good blood circulation and my leg muscle does not waste away.

After my spinal cord injury, my transfer became the only way I could move from wheelchair to a different surface. I fell out the chair dozens of time because I missed the target area. I have practised so hard in the rehab centre but I just don’t get it. I was very depressed. The Neurolink Team tailor made a specific program ( Neuro Physio and PT combined)  to help me strength the muscles in order to improve my transfers. Part of this program, included getting weekly soft tissue massages to prevent any impingement injury in my shoulders. The result was obvious. I am not only getting better clearance on the transfer also my body looks a lot toned and balanced. Through regular PT and physio  I didn’t put on weight at all which is a big challenge for a lot of wheelchair users.

Another challenge I was facing after the spinal cord injury is to buy equipment.  Getting a right  wheelchair was my first challenge. My local council offered me a really good chair however I was experiencing extensive back pain just after a month and I could not figure out why. I mentioned the pain in my Neuro physio session. Neurolink Physio run a detailed posture clinic where the Specialist Neuro Physio explained how to pick a wheelchair which will suit my needs.  I did have my doubts at the beginning and I held my purchase for 7 month. But eventually I went with their advice and I am so glad I followed Natalie’s Posture and seating advice. After that I also purchased a few other mobility products followed by Neurolink advice. I have never looked back!

Soon I realised that the Neurolink Team have extensive knowledge of spinal cord injury, from the physical movement, skin condition, posture, FES, why my toes curled in, shower chair, even to how to take the wheelchair and lithium battery  to the aeroplane. Which is very unique!

I started working with Neurolink in mid Feb 2016, during that time I did have my doubts, tried other places, different therapist but no places can offer such comprehensive services like Neurolink. Plus the clinic is in the heart of Wimbledon village with a lots of amazing shops and restaurants which are wheelchair accessible. So to me go for a treatment is like go for a nice day out.

I was injured in Sept 2015 came out hospital Feb 2016. By end of 2016, I went back to work,  using all sorts of public transports to get around in London,  and even managed a long haul flight to Asia. Neurolink Team physically prepared me for my busy life and gave me the great advice to get the equipment I needed to enhance my mobility and independence. I am looking forward to continuing my great work with Neurolink.


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