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Bioness L300

 Bioness L300

Using FES technology, the wireless L300 Foot Drop System’s low-level electrical stimulation activates the nerves and muscles that lift the foot, giving you back the mobility to walk for longer periods.

It also helps you walk up (or down) the stairs safer due to the L300 system helping you clear your foot when you walk and put your heel down first.

L300 Foot Drop System helps to…

  • Re-educate muscles
  • Prevent or reduces muscle atrophy
  • Reduce muscle spasticity
  • Maintain or increase joint range of motion
  • Increase local blood flow and circulation

This is why it’s a great addition to our clinic inventory, used for our walking clients with muscle weakness and neurological impairments.

FES Bioness L300 System for Kids

The Bioness paediatric cuff system enables small kiddies over the age of 2-3 years to walk with the assistance of the FES and support the gains made in neuro physio as well as enhances their ability to keep up with their peers.

Have a look at some of our client stories about how their lives have been changed with the use of their Bioness systems.

Give us a call on 0203 195 2723 to book your FES Assessment or drop us an email to learn more about how the FES could help you.

Bioness L300 Plus


The L300 Plus System adds a wireless easy to use thigh cuff, with low-level electrical stimulation, providing better support to weaker muscles in your thigh which in turn aids in control over bending and and straightening your knee to help you walk more naturally.

This is a great addition but what does the plus system adds to the L300 system which:

  • Reduces or stops your knee locking back when you stand and walk if your back thigh muscle is weak
  • Strengthen your weaker hip to control your pelvis when stepping
  • Feel more stable on your weaker leg
  • Climb the stairs well with awareness of which muscles should be activating and when
  • Higher level balance strengthening
  • Build up muscle tone and muscle bulk in the front or back thigh muscle and front shin muscle

This is why it’s a great addition to our clinic inventory, used for our walking clients with muscle weakness and neurological impairments.

Have a look at some of our client stories about how their lives have been changed with the use of their Bioness systems.

Give us a call on 0203 195 2723 to book your FES Assessment or drop us an email to learn more about how the FES could help you.

What our FES Leg clients say…

  • I was involved in a car accident and I was run over and got a brain injury and other body injuries.

    Before I started with Natalie in August 2017, I was walking for about 5- 10 minutes a day. Now I am very stable in walking.

    Since I have been working with Natalie ... " over the past year, I’ve been doing a 45 minute walk a day and have done a couple of near hour walks too. I feel more stable now. The calibre of the neuro physiotherapy is much better with Natalie than it was before. It really has helped me and continues to help me through my recovery. She has really helped me to process in my recovery.Read more

    Derek Carr
    Derek Carr
  • "Let me start by saying that l was diagnosed with MS almost two years ago, after unexplained deterioration in my left leg, which left me immobile especially walking relatively short distances.

    Medicines did not make a big difference nor did my physiotherapy.

    My doctor suggested I try the L300 go system. Obviously had ... " no experience with such a system, so my daughter researched that and found Neurolink Physiotherapy to fully equipped to handle that.

    I would say that my case in a minor case of MS, I seem to have had it for quite a while, but the deterioration started in the last five years.

    What I appreciated about my treatment at Neurolink Physiotherapy is that you have a complete attention to all aspects of my disability, (that is; diet, muscle tone and weakness, body shape and weakness).

    I think I have great appreciation to Natalie Woodman and Neurolink Physiotherapy for two reasons Firstly, Natalie Woodman gave me hope and positive attitude, that I didn't have before, that my handicap can be minimized with a combination of actions ,covering diet ,exercise and using the Bioness L300 Go System.

    And secondly, that the bioness system will be a great help to move towards walking normally without a large amount of assistance.

    I purchased the L300 Go Plus System this year and I have already seen improvement in a short time. But I still have a long way to go before I am fully satisfied.

    And of course, the detailed direction that Natalie Woodman gave me in person and written are a great asset that I now use to improve my overall physical situation.

    Thank you for your help, assistance and professional advice and care."
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  • "After the incident which was a stroke, it was difficult to move and talk. Before seeing Natalie, I received both occupational and speech therapy from Bupa Cromwell hospital and was further referred to see Natalie.

    Neurophysiotherapy rehab has been good so far, there have been tremendous improvements all round both speech and movement. To ... " be honest I haven’t yet seen any other therapists that can be considered competition in terms of professional performance and results achieved!

    I don’t really have any advice for any other users, apart from that it’s not a bad idea at all, it could do anyone a lot of good."
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  • "I sustained a brain injury in 2009 that affected my left arm and leg. I was not mobile prior to working with the Neurolink Physio team and I found my days were boring as I could not get out and about as I was not able to walk very far. I did not feel fit and got ... " tired as I had to wear a full leg brace when I walked that protected my knee. I had to spend a lot of my time indoors which I did not like and I got so bored.

    I started working with the Neurolink Team in February 2013 where I initially received Neurophysio, specialist massage therapy and the RT200 elliptical FES bike to strengthen the muscles in my left shoulder, arm and leg. From January 2014, my arm and leg were strong enough to progress from the FES Bike to weekly 1-2-1 personal training sessions in addition to my weekly neurophysio and massage therapy. I started using my own L300 Plus Bioness leg system and started attending my local gym as well in 2014 with the program designed by my specialist personal trainer and Neuro Physio. My leg Bioness has got me more mobile as I can walk a lot better. I can walk a lot further and my balance is better so I can now get out and about and walk into town without a walking stick. I love walking and I feel fitter and being able to go to the gym to get fitter and get back into shape.

    It is quality working with the Neurolink Team! They are very friendly, welcoming and professional and always give me time. I really enjoy my days visiting Neurolink and have a great time. They have got me a lot fitter and stronger.

    My advice to anyone looking for Neurophysio , rehabilitation or purchasing their own Bioness leg and or hand system, is: “Go for it, as it will help you in the long run!”  My walking has improved so much as I do not have to wear a leg brace anymore (3 years later) and I can walk into town.  I can now use my left arm and hand.  They got me back into the gym and now I love that and can get fitter and keep improving.  It is worth the money.

    They are so friendly and warm. They have put so much hard work into getting me better and with my walking and they get to know you so you can trust them to ensure you keep improving. I always enjoy my sessions at Neurolink."
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    Dan Winter
  • "My husband suffered a major stroke in 2013, he was left with severe physical and cognitive impairments and I was told there would be no recovery.
    Natalie Woodman came very highly recommended as the best person to go to for the Bioness H200 and L3 thigh plus systems. I called Neurolink, and an assessment date ... " was quickly arranged. Natalie was aware we needed help with funding, and was more than happy to support us with this, a decision that quite literally changed our lives.
    Prior to meeting Natalie my husband was long out of NHS physio and life was a struggle. Whilst he had mastered a few steps with the aid of a quad stick by the time we met her, his gait was extremely impaired and he could neither lift his foot nor bend his knee and had to swing his leg out to the side which made him very unstable.
    His right arm was also severely affected by the stroke. He suffered a great deal of pain in his arm and wrist and was understandable very guarded over anyone touching it. Natalie was patient and kind, and quickly gained his trust. She explained what was meant by spasticity and high tone, and how the H200 could help with this. Putting the H200 on for the first time and seeing his hand move, was very emotional.
    In between our sessions, Natalie gave us a clear plan to work on and a review date, and at each review she praised my husband’s achievements and offered further encouragement. He always went away feeling on top of the world, which was lovely to see.
    Regular use of the H200 has reduced his high tone and given my husband a looser hand. Whilst he doesn’t currently have function, he does now have movement in his arm that’s improving all the time.
    With the L3 thigh plus system, he’s able to walk with great confidence and without the fear of falling over, which is a huge relief to me.
    Natalie is extremely knowledgeable, and you can tell right away that she has both passion and a real flair for what she does.
    Our goals were simple, to achieve a two armed hug and for my husband walk by my side holding my hand, and with Natalie’s help and guidance we’re getting ever closer to achieving them.
    For anyone thinking of trialling the H200 or the L300 thigh plus system I would say don’t hesitate, book an appointment with Natalie and go for it. I can promise you , you’ll never look back.

    Thank you Natalie ..."
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  • "I was diagnosed with Relapse Remitting Multiple Sclerosis back in 2007. I’d just come back from Tunisia and was experiencing various sensory issues, loss of taste, optic neuritis. After a course of steroids a lot of these symptoms disappeared.

    Life was good and returned back to normal but then in 2015 I started having ... " issues with my balance, gait and mobility. I was suffering from foot drop and thigh weakness which meant walking was difficult and I had a lot of trips and falls. I mentioned this to my neurologist who referred me for a course of Physio and to Orthotics.

    I was given a rather cumbersome plastic foot brace which didn’t really help. I then tried the stock NHS Functional Electrical Stimulation device which was encouraging how well it worked but was not practical and looked like it was designed in the 1950's with a lot of trailing wires and sticky pads. It meant adding an extra half an hour to my already tight morning schedule and constant readjusting throughout the day which didn't fill me with much confidence.

    After a bit of googling I found the L300 Plus which looked really good, lucky I came across Neurolink Physiotherapy website and immediately booked an appointment. After trying on the system I was amazed at how easy it was to get going. It seemed ideal; the system required little maintenance and was discrete. I can just clip on and go, since wearing the system I have returned back to having a social life and it has made work easier, my confidence level has improved and I am now able to stand straight and walk without falling.

    My experience at Neurolink Physiotherapy was informative and really positive, Natalie was patient with answering my questions and very supportive, after the initial trial session it became fairly obvious it was a 'no brainier' to buy the product. It’s a bit of an unexpected cost but I got a few points on the credit card and spread the cost over the year.

    The most memorable moment working with the Neurolink Physiotherapy team was when I was first able to take a full stride; I felt more like me again."
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    Raja Habib
    Raja Habib
  • "Due to MS, before I purchased the FES, I could not walk for longer than 10 minutes and because of foot drop I regularly fell when walking. This led to me having a lack of confidence and a reluctance to go out walking.

    When I read about the system I thought that it could be a ... " help to me and I have to say that I was right. I chose to purchase the L300 system immediately after my FES assessment. With the L300 I can walk much further and for much longer than without it. Depending on the day I can walk for several kilometres and, unless my leg is getting really tired, I do not trip. I walk more quickly and feel much more stable on my feet. I have never tripped and fallen whilst wearing it so my confidence is hugely improved. I now enjoy dog walks with my Westie and my husband whereas I would previously have avoided them. I recently walked up (and down)  the 77 steep, winding uneven stone steps at Knole Park Gatehouse without assistance or any problem followed by a lengthy walk around the park. I would never consider it if I were not wearing the L300.

    The fact that it is wireless means that it can be worn with dresses which is great. It is a bit chunky round the leg and so I do have to consider which trousers I can wear with it. I do not feel that anyone would think that it looks weird as I walk so much better and must look less weird that I did when I was staggering about and therefore no one seems to notice it.

    I have never regretted the decision to contact Neurolink and to purchase the L300. Natalie and Portia were so welcoming and helpful and seemed to really understand my needs. They are so positive and supportive and seemed to get real pleasure from seeing the improvement that the L300 made in my walking. Portia looked at me holistically and worked on loosening tight muscles in my feet and legs and on my gait and balance to make sure that I gained full benefit from the device. She targeted sessions at what I wanted to get out of them; it was not a fixed agenda.

    The L300 is simple to use and Natalie gave a fantastic tutorial and filmed it on my phone so that I could refer back to it if I needed to. I never have needed to as it was all made so clear to me."
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    Bev Dunne
    Bev Dunne
  • "I was introduced to Neurolink through a Bioness Advert in the Pathways (MS) magazine back in June 2014. I had been using an FES Device provided through the NHS which I had nothing but problems with.

    I decided to have an assessment through Neurolink Physiotherapy to see if the Bioness would be suitable. Well ... " 2 years later I have regained my ability to walk with the Bioness and it has given me my confidence and freedom back.

    Neurolink Physiotherapy have supported me all through this journey and have become a very important part of my life."
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    Thom Toy FES, Neuro physio, Bioness client
  • "I had a motorcycle accident followed by major spinal surgery. After three months in hospital and rehab I was discharged in a wheelchair, making tentative steps with crutches. A friend recommended Neurolink Physiotherapy. My recovery was massively helped by FES which brought my largely paralysed right leg to life. Just one session straightened my fingers. ... " The team are wonderful. Great fun and highly skilled. They make painful recovery a joy... incredible but true. Treatment is 100% recommended. I won't ever forget Nat and Portia. There's no Physio like them!"Read more

    Giles Hamilton
    Giles Hamilton FES Leg Client
  • "There are no words to express our gratitude to this exceptional team of Neuro Physiotherapists. The team led by Natalie Woodman has been on my wife's side for several years. Apart from wide and in-depth knowledge, the team at Neurolink Physiotherapy have been using advanced technology like FES and EksoBionics to enhance their work. Both ... " methods, allowed my wife to exercise more and achieve better walking patterns. This is a team constantly seeking to achieve better and better outcomes for patients and they have our 100% trust. No compliment is enough to describe the work they do."Read more

    Raluca Mihoc and Vasileios Apostolopoulos FES Leg Client
  • "I have Primary Progressive multiple sclerosis and, particularly over the last two years, my walking has been deteriorating due to a dropped foot. I decided to trial the Bioness L300 FES device for a 2 week period before purchasing my own system.

    Natalie has played a large part in making sure I can ... " get the best benefit from the device and my walking is undoubtedly better when I am wearing it. Natalie and her team have a very positive and enthusiastic approach which makes visiting her treatment rooms a pleasure and I am very grateful to her."
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    Mary Q FES Leg Client
  • "I have had MS since February 1997 and since I have been attending the clinic I have felt a vast improvement in my mobility and state of mind. As I improve physically, my treatment plan is changed to increase my strength and needs. I was having FES on the RT 200 machine weekly which is ... " like a sitting down cross trainer. Then I purchased a Bioness L300 Plus which I can use every day as it can be worn under my clothes as it is wireless.

    This has really helped as I use it when walking but also it has a training setting so while at my desk at work I can switch it on exercise my leg. Now when walking instead of me having to concentrate of the whole of my energy on pulling my right leg along the Bioness L300 Plus system lifts the leg and I can then concentrate on what the rest of my body should be doing when walking.

    All the team at Neurolink are very professional and always working out solutions to any obstacles I encounter and the clinic has all the latest equipment. I am very happy that I found them."
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    Mary Meighan
    Mary Meighan FES, Neuro Physio, FES & Massage Client
  • "I first contacted Neurolink as I saw the Bioness advertised in Pathways magazine back in June 2014 and was having trouble with the FES system I was using that was provided through the NHS which I had nothing but problems with. My day-to-day living before working with Neurolink Physio was different. I stopped going out ... " as I didn't want people to see how my walking had been affected. I was ashamed.

    Working with Neurolink made me realise that I was not alone. They guided and helped me believe in myself. And since using the Bioness L300 Plus system, I now know I can do anything I put my mind too. Neurolink gave me hope and belief. They are very understanding and will help with any problems I am experiencing. Be it the Bioness, books, health, advice. My advice to anyone with apprehensions is 'Just believe!'.

    Well 2 years later, I have regained my ability to walk with the Bioness and it has given me my confidence and freedom back. Neurolink have supported me all through this journey and have become a very important part of my life. I just couldn't be without them. They helped me believe in myself whilst I was going through a really difficult time in my life.

    I will always be eternally grateful to them."
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    Raynor O’Connor FES Leg Client
  • "I used a National Health walking aid which was very cumbersome and did not always work properly. I was heavily dependent on walking stick and I walked at a very slow pace.

    Life is totally different altogether. I began to feel much more confident in myself and my ability to go forward with the ... " L300 Plus FES device. The L300 Plus system is totally amazing. I love the fact that it can be tailored for my needs improving stability and muscle strength and the training device is marvellous.

    I love dancing, gardening, bird watching and anything really. There isn’t really any places not accessible. I go where I want to now. My wife reports that now that I have my L300 Plus system and can walk safer and with more confidence, she no longer worries when she goes out and I am at home. My wife used to rush about fretting in case I had a fall whilst she was out. We do things more together such as his squats homework!! We laugh a lot which is a good thing."

    David's wife: "We would absolutely and 100% recommend Neurolink Physio services. Neurolink has changed David’s life. There is a happy but calm atmosphere. He did not think he would ever improve. The word “can’t” is not in the vocabulary there is always a way. Yes we can is the encouraging and motivating way that has helped David make his improvements!"
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    David Troth
    David Troth FES Leg Client
  • "Due to Multiple Sclerosis, my left side is weak and I also suffer from drop foot and general muscle problems. I have been using my own L300 system since September 2013. My mobility has steadily got better and I've learnt how to stretch properly etc. I didn't realise how important massage was for me and ... " how much it would help. The L300 system has really helped with my confidence and helps me walk for longer periods. With 2 young children, being out and about is stressful as I'm always 'thinking' about walking, balance and staying safe. The L300 helped me be able to feel more independent and safer. I can use the stairs safer now too now using my L300 system. I can walk for longer periods. Things like shopping for pleasure or days out with my family. It was especially helpful on our family holiday Disneyland.

    I can walk my children into school safely and concentrate on them and not my walking. It has really helped make family days out easier and more fun! I can use the stairs safer now too. With their expertise and support, you can't go wrong. The fun, relaxed, home from home atmosphere and their empathy and understanding always. I would 100% recommend Neurolink to other clients because the support, expertise and well being I get from Neurolink is second to none!"
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    Claire Ruby FES Leg Client
  • "My daughter has travelled to London once a month since March 2015 to be seen by Natalie. Natalie’s reputation reached us during my daughter’s in-patient acute rehabilitation in Chicago following a spinal cord injury in August 2014.

    Since returning home to the UK, Natalie has managed many aspects of my daughter’s ongoing therapy, including ... " the set up of her FES bike, and the selection of manual and standing wheelchairs.

    My daughter looks forward to her monthly updates at Neurolink, particularly Natalie’s shoulder massages. Natalie cares, she notices changes and recommends strategies for continuing functional improvement. We feel fortunate to have discovered her."
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    Lisa FES Arm & Leg Client
  • "Before I purchased the Bioness L300 Plus and H200 system from Neurolink Physio, my day to day living was very difficult. I couldn't walk much or move my hand and I had very low confidence.

    I purchased the Bioness H200 system in September 2014 and the Bioness L300 Plus system in July 2015, and it has simply changed my life. It has given me back my independence my arm/ leg getting stronger everyday now I'm back to work.
     ... "
    Working with Neurolink Physio has been a godsend. The staff are very friendly and very welcoming and it's the best facility I've been to.

    My honest advice for people buying these products, they will change your life, get your confidence and independence back and the sky's the limit. My time working with Neurolink has been fantastic to say the least. The most memorable time working with Neurolink Physio was when they introduced me the FES products."
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    Darren Bryan
    Darren Bryan FES Arm & Leg Client
  • I have used several services (and had contact with several practitioners) at Neurolink (neurophysio, massage, Bioness L300 Plus) but all have stood out for their professionalism, enthusiasm and warmth. Neurolink has helped alleviate many of the symptoms and challenges of living with MS and I look forward to continuing to benefit from their expertise and ... " empathy. I have used and purchased the L300 Plus Bioness system in July 2014. It is very easy to fit for effective daily use and assisting in walking for greater distances, particularly in helping me to overcome foot drop and producing a greater stride when walking outdoors. I am also regularly using the RT300 leg bike to strengthen my legs. This is an enhanced training method and, more importantly, I have found it gives me increased energy. I would certainly recommend the Bioness system and Neurolink Physiotherapy's services to other clients looking to improve their mobility and function.Read more

    John Wood
    John Wood Neuro Physio, FES Leg, Massage Client
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