What is Neurophysio?

What is Neurophysio?

Neuro physio programs aim to facilitate new brain pathway connections through repetitive movement patterns and sequences.

Neurological physiotherapy is the treatment of individuals who have neurological impairments; for example Traumatic Brain Injury or Stroke; Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Cord Injury or Parkinson’s disease.

As Neuro Physiotherapists we specialise in assessing and treating individuals with such neurological impairments to enhance or maximise their functional ability.

Neurophysio Assessment

Neurophysio Assessment

Neuro Physiotherapy aims to identify and maximise movement potential and your quality of life.

A detailed initial neuro assessment is completed to identify your physical impairments and create goals before your treatment sessions may commence. We know that each client’s goals are unique and specific to them. Therefore goals may include learning to get into and out of a car as a wheelchair user,taking up a new sport or returning to work. NeuroLink Physio has even helped a client walk down the aisle using the Ekso GT Robotic Suite!


1-2-1 Sessions

Private 1-2-1 Neuro Physio Sessions

Many of our clients undergoing Neuro Physio can show improvements from:

  • Hand or arm weakness
  • Foot of Leg weakness
  • Impaired balance
  • Difficulty walking

We address issues proactively to prevent long term problems from developing. Your unique rehabilitation programme will aim to promote or enhance your movement potential in weaker muscle groups.

Once your short term goals are achieved, a combination of Neuro Physiotherapy and the use of FES machines in clinic, or FES Neuro Physio, Massage Therapy, and or Personal Training may be recommended to maintain and enhance your progress depending on your goals identified during your initial assessment.

When clients present with progressive neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease or Multiple Sclerosis, we aim to provide advice and treatment during each stage of the condition. If early intervention can be provided, it can help to prevent the progression of a progressive condition and reduce the degree of secondary complications. In some cases, clients can still make physical gains with improvements in posture, muscle strength and flexibility helping to improve their functional independence and their quality of life.

Specialist techniques used

Your unique goal focus

Education and training

Strengthening and stretching

Balance and walking rehab

Posture awareness

What our Neuro Physio patients say

  • "I am a male of 35 who suffered a brain injury in 2002 due to a road accident. This affected my balance, stride and weakness in my left side. Since July 2008 I have been coming to see Natalie at the Neurolink Physiotherapy clinic in Putney. The improvements have been nothing short of spectacular. Family, ... " friends and professionals have all commented on what a difference there is in my overall physique. I used to play the Bhangra drums professionally before my accident which required standing for long periods of time with the drum hanging at the waist. I was convinced I would never be able to play again. I am now able to play standing up for short periods of time. With my strength increasing over time with the work Natalie has been doing with me. I just want to say what a godsend she’s been! Her willingness to listen, to offer advice and for her patience in listening to my jokes."Read more

    A.S.Dhillon London
  • "My son, Sam McDermott was injured in a road accident. He suffered severe head injuries that affected his co-ordination, balance and posture. Over the last eighteen month my son, Sam has been under the care and supervision of Natalie Woodman. He has come on leaps and bounds, progressing from a wheelchair to now being able ... " to walk unaided.

    I cannot thank and praise Natalie’s work with Sam enough; she has got him to where he is now. We are so thankful for everything Natalie has done and so grateful that our paths have crossed."
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    Kim McDermott London
  • "Neurolink is the one stop shop for everything spinal injury! I use Neurolink for physio, PT and massage and don't think there's a better place to get the best service and advice.

    Natalie is like the bible when it comes to advice on posture, strength, seating position and anything else you need to know. Natalie Woodman ... " knows everything there is to know about spinal injuries and is very easy to talk to if you need advice about all aspects of living with an SCI. 

    The PTs are also fantastic and have improved my strength massively in the gym. My massage therapist is brilliant; I have really felt the difference in mobility since I started having massage therapy. The staff at Neurolink do not see problems, they see solutions. It's a perfect balance of a high quality, professional service from people who will grow to become your friends.

    The atmosphere in the clinic is very friendly but when you need to work hard the staff will push you to get the best results. Whether you have an injury, want to gain some strength or just want to lead a healthier lifestyle, Neurolink is the only place to go!"
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    Nina Hartley FES, Physio and Posture Solutions client
  • "I sustained a T10 Spinal cord injury in July 2012. Prior to working with Neurolink Physio, I suffered with a lot of tightness and pain on my back and pain around my shoulder. I did not know how to stretch properly or which stretches will help me and did not realise I had the wrong ... " or too big of a wheelchair until I came to Neurolink.

    Natalie helped me with recommendations of which wheelchair will be ideal and better, how to improve posture which can cause pain or discomfort eventually if you are not seated properly. Me personally, I did not realise how all the muscles are connected, and how each muscle influence each other. Neurolink Physio helped me to release the tightness and tension around the whole area including the muscles that have an influence. Natalie helps me with different stretches that helps me maintain my shoulder and back mobility which is so important as a wheelchair user.

    The team are very friendly and jolly and help you put a smile on your face. You could have a good session with a lot of motivation as well as enjoying your time with the team by having a good laugh. I have had many memorable sessions with the team. It's more of coming down and having a good time as well as having a good session. To think of the most memorable moment would have to be when I was walking with the EksoBionics Robotic Walking System which felt amazing, and a big thank you to the team for making it possible."
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    Muhammed Neuro Physio & Postural Solutions Client
  • "I had a haemorrhagic stroke in June 2015. Prior to my stroke, I ran every day, went to Pilates and walked everywhere and worked on Saturdays. Now having worked with Portia Woodman, a Neuro Physiotherapist, I can now walk to the toilet, my foot is beginning to straighten up more and I feel a lot ... " more balanced when walking. It is great working with Neurolink Physiotherapy, they are great fun, always laughing and encouraging me. My advice to anyone wanting to start neuro physio, is that it can be a little bit uncomfortable when you start. My most memorable thing about my experience with Neurolink Physiotherapy is the hope of walking and believing that I will be ok."Read more

    Sienna Neuro Physio Client
  • "Natalie has helped me a lot, she have thorough knowledge about Cerebral Palsy. Before coming to Natalie my condition was rapidly getting worse. Traditional therapists are under the impression that Cerebral Palsy, just magically goes away after the age of 18, whereas Natalie understands the importance for a extensive physiotherapy program throughout your life, enhancing ... " quality of life and maintaining a constant level of improvement. With Natalie gentle nature - she's always encourages you to Dream and to live beyond your comfort zone..."Read more

    Sarah Neuro Physio Client
  • "I was paralysed from the waist down after surgery to my T7-T9 area, I left hospital with very limited mobility but my legs had started to move. Prior to working with Neurolink Physiotherapy, progress was slow especially as I had a long wait to see the community physio, I was also very stiff which made ... " doing anything alone virtually impossible.

    Since I have been working with Neurolink Physiotherapy, I am less stiff; my posture has improved, as has my walking. I feel I now have the confidence and the strength to start doing more things on my own.

    The team are very thorough, extremely patient and very very encouraging! I always feel very welcome and at ease every time I visit.

    I would recommend Neurophysio at Neurolink Physiotherapy without a doubt; it has been invaluable to me and without it is wouldn't be as far along as I am.

    For me, the most memorable thing about my experience at Neurolink, it is the way the team put me at ease and make me feel welcome. Plus the way Natalie help’s manipulate my body, I feel amazed every time I leave."
    Read more

    Jo Arnold
    Jo Arnold Neuro Physio Client
  • "There are no words to express our gratitude to this exceptional team of Neuro Physiotherapists. The team led by Natalie Woodman has been on my wife's side for several years. Apart from wide and in-depth knowledge, the team at Neurolink Physiotherapy have been using advanced technology like FES and EksoBionics to enhance their work. Both ... " methods, allowed my wife to exercise more and achieve better walking patterns. This is a team constantly seeking to achieve better and better outcomes for patients and they have our 100% trust. No compliment is enough to describe the work they do."Read more

    Raluca Mihoc and Vasileios Apostolopoulos FES Leg Client
  • "Have been using the services of Neurolink for neuro physio for over one and half years. Without a doubt I can say that I have received an excellent service from a dedicated team of professionals which transformed my physical ability to a very high standard. Their techniques are unique." ... "Read more

    Don Neuro Physio Client
  • "Before I started working with Portia I was not really aware of how I could help myself in terms of postures, exercises and attitude to my then unknown condition. From the very first day Portia has been very understanding with my emotional outbursts and patient to help my needs. Now I know there are a ... " few things that can do to help my condition: ALS.

    Portia and Natalie are a great team and I could not recommend them high enough. Through the years I have seen many private and NHS physiotherapist and there is no comparison. Portia really does her best to help patients and is very caring. I am very grateful to have met Portia and the Neurolink team."
    Read more

    Maria Guzman Neuro Physio Client
  • "Before I came to Neurolink Physio I suffered from stiffness and immobility, with particular weakness in my lower back, exacerbated by Parkinson’s Disease. I found the visits with Portia very useful in addressing these issues. The neuro rehab treatment comprised primarily of stretches, massage and exercises, and was especially tailored for my condition. I also ... " valued the opportunity to talk about my condition and, perhaps more importantly, be educated in how to alleviate the stiffness in my everyday routine. I was given a list of exercises to do at home to complement these sessions and to facilitate the healing process going forward. I am now a lot more mobile, and able to play tennis regularly, practice yoga and train in the gym."
    Read more

    Edward Neuro Physio Client
  • "Before coming to see Natalie at Neurolink I had no idea about how Neuro physiotherapy could help improve my physical and mental well-being so greatly. I travel for over an hour to visit the team and look forward to it every time. The friendly, welcoming atmosphere helped me feel more confident in public after a ... " spinal stroke caused me to be tetraplegic and wheelchair bound at the age of 29. The facilities and equipment are perfect for my needs but it's also the knowledge and support that has made such a huge impact on my life since the SCI. Even my two daughters (9 & 6) look forward to coming to my neuro physio sessions during the school holidays, as does my dog, Douglas!"Read more

    Gabrielle Gillson Neuro Physio Client
  • "My brother suffered a spinal cord injury and after 5 months hospitalisation, was discharged and we found ourselves facing the challenges of a new, different and, at times frightening world as a wheelchair user. Neurolink was a godsend for us and has helped us adjust to that new world. My brother was given a thorough ... " assessment and an individualised programme of physiotherapy including FES bike and standing frame, massage and private training. This treatment given in a non-hospital environment, a supportive, non-patronising, friendly and fun atmosphere was welcome and continues to be of value. In five months, my brother has gained confidence, new skills to manage his disability and an element of improved mobility."Read more

    Rosemary Sloman FES Cycling Client's Sister
  • "I have had MS since February 1997 and since I have been attending the clinic I have felt a vast improvement in my mobility and state of mind. As I improve physically, my treatment plan is changed to increase my strength and needs. I was having FES on the RT 200 machine weekly which is ... " like a sitting down cross trainer. Then I purchased a Bioness L300 Plus which I can use every day as it can be worn under my clothes as it is wireless.

    This has really helped as I use it when walking but also it has a training setting so while at my desk at work I can switch it on exercise my leg. Now when walking instead of me having to concentrate of the whole of my energy on pulling my right leg along the Bioness L300 Plus system lifts the leg and I can then concentrate on what the rest of my body should be doing when walking.

    All the team at Neurolink are very professional and always working out solutions to any obstacles I encounter and the clinic has all the latest equipment. I am very happy that I found them."
    Read more

    Mary Meighan
    Mary Meighan FES, Neuro Physio, FES & Massage Client
  • "I first contacted Neurolink as I saw the Bioness advertised in Pathways magazine back in June 2014 and was having trouble with the FES system I was using that was provided through the NHS which I had nothing but problems with. My day-to-day living before working with Neurolink Physio was different. I stopped going out ... " as I didn't want people to see how my walking had been affected. I was ashamed.

    Working with Neurolink made me realise that I was not alone. They guided and helped me believe in myself. And since using the Bioness L300 Plus system, I now know I can do anything I put my mind too. Neurolink gave me hope and belief. They are very understanding and will help with any problems I am experiencing. Be it the Bioness, books, health, advice. My advice to anyone with apprehensions is 'Just believe!'.

    Well 2 years later, I have regained my ability to walk with the Bioness and it has given me my confidence and freedom back. Neurolink have supported me all through this journey and have become a very important part of my life. I just couldn't be without them. They helped me believe in myself whilst I was going through a really difficult time in my life.

    I will always be eternally grateful to them."
    Read more

    Raynor O’Connor FES Leg Client
  • "I suffered a broken neck in June 2016 losing all sensation and mobility. In just a matter of weeks since working with the team at Neurolink Physiotherapy, my improvement has been significant. The deep professional knowledge, creative use of equipment and engaging atmosphere at Neurolink Physiotherapy is a magic recipe!" ... "Read more

    Steven Dowd
    Steven Dowd Neuro Physio, FES, PT and Massage Client
  • "Before I discovered Neurolink, I had been feeling quite despondent - I was considered to be doing too well to need continued hospital physio but as time went by I felt I was deteriorating, even though I was doing my best to keep active by walking and doing my exercises. The improvement after coming to ... " Neurolink was immediate - both physical and psychological - because I knew I'd found someone in Portia I liked and trusted and who was immensely effective. I was sent to Queens Square as an inpatient for rehab - and it was great. But it was, as most of the NHS is, overstretched and under immense pressure. I feel there is always time for each patient at Neurolink, and even when the clinic is very busy, there's a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere. To anyone who might be apprehensive about using Neurolink I would say just go in and meet the team - they're people you'll like spending time with - and they'll make you feel better in every way.

    Apart from all the little tricks I have learnt and which I use in my everyday life to improve my balance and mobility, and the great workout that I get when I come to an appointment, I think the most precious aspect of the experience is that we talk and laugh about everything and nothing. It’s a great boost to the spirits."
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    Sally Neuro Physio Client
  • "Before working with Neurolink I was very unsteady, in pain, weak and felt like the NHS and my doctors didn't understand how to treat me properly and successfully. Since having neuro physio and massage at Neurolink I have felt such an improvement in my walking and general mobility. I feel more confident and am able ... " to do more. The Neurolink team is so understanding, supportive and inviting. I feel like they totally understand me and help me in a way no other physio has. I would say to anyone with reservations, Go for it! It's the best thing I ever did. With their expertise and support, you can't go wrong!"Read more

    Claire Ruby
    Claire Ruby Neuro Physio & Massage Client
  • "I have a spinal cord injury and have been going to Neurolink Physiotherapy for almost 4 years now and the progress and improvement I have made in that time has been immense. I owe so much to Natalie and everyone I've been lucky enough to meet and work with at Neurolink Physiotherapy, I really don't ... " know where I'd be without their knowledge, experience and support. I couldn't recommend more highly."Read more

    Tom Perivolas
    Tom Perivolas Neuro Physio Client
  • "I use Neurolink for physio, PT and massage and don't think there's a better place to get the best service and advice. Natalie knows everything there is to know about spinal injuries and is very easy to talk to if you need advice about all aspects of living with an SCI. The atmosphere in the ... " clinic is very friendly but when you need to work hard the staff will push you to get the best results. Whether you have an injury, want to gain some strength or just want to lead a healthier lifestyle, Neurolink is the only place to go."Read more

    Nathalie McGloin
    Nathalie McGloin Neuro Physio, PT & Massage Client
  • "I spent a year and a half attending Neurolink physio twice a week after a road traffic accident and a very impressive list of injuries. Natalie is very knowledgeable and has a fun nature that accommodated my rather unique sense of humour. A sense of humour which was made even more unique after a bump ... " on the head. I have some great memories of my sessions with Natalie during a really dark time. Most importantly, I developed a straight posture and normal walk after breaking most things in my body. Thank you so much Natalie."Read more

    Bob Parbrook
    Bob Parbrook Neuro Physio Client
  • I have used several services (and had contact with several practitioners) at Neurolink (neurophysio, massage, Bioness L300 Plus) but all have stood out for their professionalism, enthusiasm and warmth. Neurolink has helped alleviate many of the symptoms and challenges of living with MS and I look forward to continuing to benefit from their expertise and ... " empathy. I have used and purchased the L300 Plus Bioness system in July 2014. It is very easy to fit for effective daily use and assisting in walking for greater distances, particularly in helping me to overcome foot drop and producing a greater stride when walking outdoors. I am also regularly using the RT300 leg bike to strengthen my legs. This is an enhanced training method and, more importantly, I have found it gives me increased energy. I would certainly recommend the Bioness system and Neurolink Physiotherapy's services to other clients looking to improve their mobility and function.Read more

    John Wood
    John Wood Neuro Physio, FES Leg, Massage Client
  • "I have been visiting Neurolink for the past 6 months following a stroke that paralysed my left side in 2014. Natalie and her team were instrumental in helping me to get my arm and leg movement back. They have state of the art equipment to support all types of rehabilitation exercises, ranging from state of ... " the art functional electrical muscle stimulation- very useful at the initial rehab stages - to pilates machines useful at later stages. The team at Neurolink are very experienced, professional and hard working. Natalie can immediately identify what you need at all stages and is very hands on during the sessions. I currently do 3 mile walks, started cycling, swimming and cooking. 7 months ago I was in a wheelchair and could not move my arm a bit. I would not have achieved this without the support of Neurolink. Highly recommended."Read more

    Theano Anasta Neuro Physio Client
  • "I have MS and have been attending Neurolink for over 3 years. Natalie and her team have been extremely helpful and since I have been attending the clinic weekly for a combination of massage, physio and FES my flexibility has improved and my MS has remained stable. The team is always up to date with ... " new treatments and also provide me with invaluable advice on diet and lifestyle. They are always cheerful, supportive and great fun! I strongly recommend them to anyone with a neurological condition."Read more

    Pat Garth Neuro Physio, FES & Massage Client
  • "Natalie and the team gave me hope, when I had none.

    After a life changing attack of Transverse Myelitis and a chance meeting with Natalie at the TM Society, I soon became a regular visitor to Neurolink. The team’s dedication and professionalism was second to none when it came to dealing with my condition. ... " Natalie and the team were among very few medical professionals who fully understood my condition and whilst I doubt I will ever regain full function, what function I have, can be put down to Natalie and her treatment of me.

    If you are looking for a practice that is full of hope, positivity and challenges you from the outset, then give Neurolink a visit. I promise, you won't regret it!"
    Read more

    Mark Adams
    Mark Adams Neuro Physio Client
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