FES Arm Rehabilitation

Arm Rehab with H200 System

H200 FES Arm Rehabilitation SystemH200 FES Arm Rehabilitation System

Clients with wrist and finger activity to strengthen the movement that they have. The use of the Bioness system in a functional way in FES Neuro Physio during high repetition activities will also encourage shoulder and elbow muscles strengthening.

Clients with no wrist and finger activity to build up muscle tone and strength in the muscles first and enhance the Neuroplasticity and the opportunity for recovery (although recovery cannot be guaranteed.

Clients with spinal cord injury with a weak wrist action. Here the Bioness can strengthen the tenodesis wrist movement to enable independent functional hand movement e.g. Picking up a cup and having a drink.

How does it work?

What our FES Arm patients say

  • "Before I purchased the Bioness L300 Plus and H200 system from Neurolink Physio, my day to day living was very difficult. I couldn't walk much or move my hand and I had very low confidence.

    I purchased the Bioness H200 system in September 2014 and the Bioness L300 Plus system in July 2015, and it has simply changed my life. It has given me back my independence my arm/ leg getting stronger everyday now I'm back to work.
     ... "
    Working with Neurolink Physio has been a godsend. The staff are very friendly and very welcoming and it's the best facility I've been to.

    My honest advice for people buying these products, they will change your life, get your confidence and independence back and the sky's the limit. My time working with Neurolink has been fantastic to say the least. The most memorable time working with Neurolink Physio was when they introduced me the FES products."
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    Darren Bryan
    Darren Bryan FES Arm & Leg Client
  • "My daughter has travelled to London once a month since March 2015 to be seen by Natalie. Natalie’s reputation reached us during my daughter’s in-patient acute rehabilitation in Chicago following a spinal cord injury in August 2014.

    Since returning home to the UK, Natalie has managed many aspects of my daughter’s ongoing therapy, including ... " the set up of her FES bike, and the selection of manual and standing wheelchairs.

    My daughter looks forward to her monthly updates at Neurolink, particularly Natalie’s shoulder massages. Natalie cares, she notices changes and recommends strategies for continuing functional improvement. We feel fortunate to have discovered her."
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    Lisa FES Arm & Leg Client
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